Theatre Owners of New England (TONE) exists to serve the legislative interests of exhibitors in five of the six New England states. We maintain full time legislative counsel in the states of Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and on an ad-hoc basis in New Hampshire and Vermont.

TONE is a registered non-profit corporation with Officers and a Board of Directors.  Dues to TONE are fully tax deductible as Tone pays the tax on lobbying activities.  Among our activities is an annual manager’s seminar with all of the studio exhibitor relations representatives present.  We also have an annual General Membership and Board of Directors meeting.  We encourage all of our members to be active in the organization.  In addition, TONE is an active affiliate charter member of NATO.

The purpose and objective of this organization is to:

(1)  Maintain a regional trade association of motion picture theatre owners

(2) Unite for mutual benefit, protection, improvement and association, motion picture exhibitors of good moral character and of reasonable desire and ambition to improve themselves and of willingness to help others;

(3) Encourage among these members, closer personal acquaintance and a friendly spirit of mutual cooperation;

(4) Foster and cultivate the highest possible standards in motion picture exhibition and theatre management, in trade relations, and in business conduct, in the motion picture industry;

(5)  Forward and promote the general welfare and prosperity of motion picture exhibitors, to improve, by all lawful and honorable means, their status and condition, and to secure the goodwill of the public for the motion picture industry;

(6)  Gather, receive and disseminate such information as may seem helpful to the members, and associated organizations; interchange ideas in rendering mutual assistance, and provide helpful vocational advice and guidance;

(7)  Forward all progressive public programs, and make every proper and lawful effort to uphold, dignify, and protect the motion picture industry;

(8)  Perform any and all of the usual functions of a trade association, or chamber of commerce of theatre owners; 

(9) Affiliate with the National Association of Theatre Owners so long as the purposes and objectives of said organization shall be consistent with those of this association.